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  Agricultural finance: demand and supply. There are no precise numbers on the demand for agricultural finance. A very rough estimate by Dalberg Development Advisors (2012) suggests that demand may be as high as $450 billion in financial services ($225 billion in short-term finance and $225 billion in long-term finance). The percentage of smallholders with access to finance is equally difficult to quantify. According to estimates, even promising approaches to expanding smallholder lending, such as value chain finance, are reaching fewer than 10 percent of smallholders, primarily those in well-established value chains dedicated to higher value cash crops (the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) 2013). We offer the solution that addresses this DEMAND   We work with the brick and mortar financial institutions in the integration of our solution to allow the farmer to make transactions using MOBILE DEVICE from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME

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