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Smart Agricultural Things Of The Internet


Smart Farming

Crops, Fishing And Livestock. From visual manual physical management of the farm to using the Smart farming technology like the DRONES. It is the farmers choice.

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Smart Processing

Agri Processing - From Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries. This will encompass food, beverages, paper products, wood products, textiles, furniture, and others

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Smart Logistics

Agriculture Value Chain

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Smart Payments

From inputs to customer invoicing. We make it easy for farmers to obtain agricultural inputs needed to farm, and later sell the produce to their customers. We manage the whole agrifinance cycle on behalf of the farmer. We make it easy for livestock owners to feed livestock and upsell later to the buyers for meat processing.

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Technology As A Service In Agriculture - NO huge upfront capital cost to acquire the platform. We make it easy for any farmer to start farming and start using our services.

Our Farming customers NEED NOT know how to use the technology, nor buy the technology. We offer turnkey services across the Agri value chain, designed by actual farmers who understand the business. TAAS does not need to be installed, Farmer can have access to the PLATFORM from anywhere on a Pay As You Go basis.

Agri Inputs

We offer services that allow farmers to make it easy to understand and manage inputs. Be they using horizontal or vertical farming method.

Crop Or Livestock Management

Manage all aspect of crops and livestock until harvest. Services to farmers are on a turnkey software as a service. We utilize multiple artificial intelligence based technologies that are applicable to each farm.

Customer Marketing

Manage all aspects for farming, including finance, marketing, processing, production, logistic, packaging and invoicing. We manage the farming cloud and store all the data making it accessible from anywhere in the world.

Warehousing & Distribution

Process, Package, warehouse, transport distribute, export to customers. We manage all aspects of farmer chain and provide full visibility via the farmer's mobile device.


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We are connecting systems that employ drones, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), vertical farms, artificial intelligence (AI), and solar energy. We are connecting co-operatives, small holder farmers[...]

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Wine and Vineyard Solutions

Our SAAS platform solution let each grapevine farmer plan, monitor and analyze all activities in a vineyard including  Pruning, crop protection, fertilization, irrigation, harvesting and all other ac[...]

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  Agricultural finance: demand and supply. There are no precise numbers on the demand for agricultural finance. A very rough estimate by Dalberg Development Advisors (2012) suggests that deman[...]

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Our SAAS software lets the farmer (small holder or commercial)  plan, monitor and analyze all farming activities easily. Tillage, planting, spraying, fertilization, irrigation, harvesting and all oth[...]

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About the Manufacturing Distribution Marketing   About Using IOT technology for Seed processing Grains & Cereal milling Consumer Product processing Beverage processing Crops processing Across[...]

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The smartlogistics is a supply chain based on the technology of the internet of things which makes each step of the supply chain. We use technologies that can automatically record the entire supply ch[...]

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Agri Training

In engaging with the farmers, we promote effective agricultural training for the benefit of the farmers. Our teams that are assigned to each farm will work with the workers to ensure understanding of [...]

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Irrigation Tools

Our tools provide good irrigation system that identify how much water the plants need and can stop the flow of water when it reaches the precise depth. This will help farmers as it will promote crop h[...]

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Precision Agriculture

We use precision agriculture intelligence platform that help farmers monitor their fields, make informed decisions and ACT on them.  The tools that we use are bundled as a service that is offered to [...]

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Artificial Intelligence based Technology For Farming Community. what it means to alleviate hunger, water shortage, global warming, create employment, provide food for all.


What others are saying ?

smartagriot through their partners helped our farm move to the next level. STEVEN
an an agronomist, we introduced mobile apps to our farming community that communicate all aspects of farming to the farmer.NOBUHLE ZIMASE
we use mobile apps for livestock. i found the solution that we needed for our small holder farmers. Using the mobile APP, farmers can now manage their stock better.SBONISO ZUMA


Services are provided on an subscription basis. NO huge upfront capital cost to acquire the platform and begin using it. PAY AS YOU GO type payment plan. We deploy resources to support each farmer. Fixed price every month.

  • Single Plan

  • 0 to 10 ha
  • Limited Access
  • unlimited storage to cloud
  • unlimited crops
  • day time support
  • no onsite resource
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  • Multiple Plan

  • 11-50 ha
  • Unlimited Access
  • Unlimited Storage
  • unlimited number of crops
  • day and night support
  • dedicated support resource
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  • Full Member

  • 51 to unlimited ha
  • Unlimited Access
  • unlimited storage
  • unlimited number of crops
  • 24 by 7 by 365
  • dedicated support resource
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Agronomist, accountants, technologist, supply chain specialists, administrators, and project managers. We assign a dedicated resource to each farm on a full time basis. Some resources are ONSITE whilst others are VIRTUAL working and hand holding the farmer from FARM TO HARVEST. The farmer is trained on the job on a one on one using the LIVE platform.


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